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SesMo for Bank & High Risk Sites Security

SesMo for ATM protection range in colors

SesMo is a combined seismic detector used to protect bank safes, vault and safe protection, media safes,
strong rooms, ATM (automatic ticket machines), change vending machines, telephones post, military sites and cash
dispensers. Interfacing the SesMo to any intrusion control panels is very simple.

The SesMo react to all types of attack tools known today: Oxygen lances, steel and diamond bit drills, hydraulic
pressing tools and explosives.

The SesMo integrates three technologies for an efficient detection: Seismic (Bimorph sensor), light and heat.
Other similar detectors has only one detection technology.

SesMo covers 3-7 meters/square (depends on the surface material and specifications).

The SesMo become integral in the latest protection pack
in banks security, post offices, money change shops,
diamond shops, weapon storage and military sites in
Israel and all over the world.

SesMo is the only sensor in the world that combines
three (3) detection methods in one essential unit, this
feature provides high security and early burglary attempt

SesMo use a customized ASIC electronic chip that
contains active and passive filters to prevent false alarms
cause by the common urban environment disturbance
like, air planes, cars, trains, etc...
Click the image to enlarge.

been approved for thousands of installations in Israel, Asia,
Europe, Latin America and other places.

We offer full solution to include alarm panels, GSM panels, sirens
and more.....

Refer to the SesMo page for more
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