Vault & ATM Protection – Technical Aspects

Advanced Vault & ATM Protection

SesMoTM Technical Aspects for Sales and Technical Seminars

Electrical and RF noise 
Av-Gad Systems provides Vault & ATM Protection Sensor called SesMo.
The SesMo includes three integrated sensors: Seismic, Light and Heat.
The SesMo is used to protect vaults in most industrial and governmental sites,
bank security systems, ATM, vault, cash and automatic beverage machines protection.
The SesMo contains electrical interference protection and RFI problems are well filtered.
The SesMo had been tested at a 1-meter distance with full spectrum RF noise from 50 to 1800 MHz.

Airborne effect
False alarm free vault & ATM protection detector.
The signal analysis is independent from the airborne sound.
The SesMo installation is permitted inside or outside the protected area.
If it’s metal container for example installing the SesMo at the outside walls it’s
permitted, consider rain, snow or other that may affect the SesMo.

The standard SesMo ABS housing is for indoor Safe Deposit Sensor
applications only. For approved installation we offer the metal
case; item SesMo Pro – Details below.

Triple Tech digging detector
Triple Tech digging detector

The inertia sensor sensitivity and the response time can be programmed in order to
prevent false alarms. The SesMo filters and signal processor test the signal to certain parameters before alarm signal.

When the protected Safe Deposit Sensor or container is solid and steady even in
the highest sensitivity, the sensor does not cause false alarms, as the internal filters and
signal processor are limited to a certain range.

Frequency range is from 72 Hz to 18.50 KHz, with certain internal filters that narrows
the frequency response to certain groups.

Special filtering circuitry makes the unit is immune to environmental noises like low
flight jets, very big automobiles (trucks, buses, etc) exhausts and other airborne effects.
In airports for example, use medium sensitivity and two pulses count when using
the SesMo Safe Deposit Sensor.

Testing the SesMo
As few customers asked for combined testing tool, we regret to inform that we are still
trying to arrange the tester at a reasonable price; this is not simple.
Many customers appreciated the current situation that saves them the test tool investment.

In details
Light detection is tested by simple handy flashlight (reflector type) with 6V, 10W bulb. Direct the light to
the SesMo location when you stand at 0.5 meter far.

Heat detection is set to detect at 75 to 80 degrees Celsius in a 1×1 meter metal cabinet.
To test the SesMo for heat detection use a simple 500W heat gun, turn it on at 0.5 meter from the
SesMo, at 20 degrees Celsius the SesMo detects the heat within 30 seconds or less.

Breaking detection: For Safe Deposit Sensor materials a 0.2 KG hammer does the testing job perfectly.
When testing in softer surfaces (wood walls), use a plastic head hammer.
Consider that a burglar uses 5 to 30 kg hammer while breaking in.

Most projects managers accept such test. It’s recommended to perform the test at 20-30 centimeters
from the SesMo; after three (hammer) knocks, the SesMo is supposed to trigger an alarm.

The coverage area depends on the surface material, as there are many constituents types
we can’t provide a full list.

Our most updated surface list and coverage for the Safe Deposit Sensor:
Safe deposit with 30 mm metal walls – 10 meters/square
Safe deposit with 50 mm metal walls – 8 meters/square
ATM machines with 5 mm metal surface – 7 meters/square
Concrete walls with 50 mm walls – 8 meters/square

This information is not accurate, as the Safe Deposit Sensor surface material, structure and design
affect the SesMo detectors coverage dramatically.

SesMo Pro version
The SesMo Pro model is upgraded model to the standard SesMo detector in several features:

– Metal enclosure (SesMo standard is plastic)
– Dual tamper for detection of case open and top cover removal
– Each of the three detection sensors has a separate relay contacts output
– Internal simulator (simulates alarm) for remote self-testing activation
Refer to SesMo Pro page here
The detector was designed according to the UL standard requirements in the USA and according to
European Insurance Companies standards.
In addition we have implemented a number of customizing the SesMo detector according to customer specifications.

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