SesMo for Gas & Pipeline

SesMo protects Gas and Refinery stations

SesMo protects Gas and Refinery stations

SesMoTM for Gas & Pipeline – Save risk and funds
SesMo protects Gas and Refinery stations at critical cases.
Seismic gas shutoff valves (SGSVs), designed to turn
off gas service automatically in case of a strong
earthquake explosion and might be the first practical
application of seismic triggers.

SesMo G is a combined seismic detector used to protect
sensitive sites that may cause damage after been hit by
earthquake artillery, pipeline damage or similar terror or
war effects.

New SesMo EQ is now available.

Upon Seismic event the SesMo shut off gas supply, fuel
pump and other devices that reduce the damage
dramatically at very low cost.

The SesMo G react to all types of attack effects as trial to
drill or burglar into pipeline, earthquake (quake detector),
missiles attack and explosives, with very low false alarm
rate, the detection sensitivity and pulse count prior to
internal relay activation is adjustable and easily customized.

The SesMo integrates three technologies for an efficient
detection: Seismic (Bimorph sensor), light and heat.
The SesMo G and SesMo EQ models are recommended
for this application.

The SesMo become integral in the latest protection pack
for gas factories and supply, refinery sites and similar
sites that works and stores dangerous and flammable
materials. Few models are available for indoor
and outdoor use.

The SesMo is easily tailored and supply in few
configurations, supplied as sensor only or as full

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