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Why do I Need Water (flood) Sensors? See the WD-86

Water leak sensors demand is gaining all over the world, why? Read this

Water detectors demand is gaining all over the world.
For alarm installers it’s a great opportunity to get into
the water leak detection field, which is fast growing with
good benefits.

This fact and markets demand directed Av-Gad to
develop the new WD-86 (ASIC based), a digital and
adjustable unit, which is based on a new micro water

Why is the demand for water sensors and system is
reaching new heights?

The use of drinking water sources from water filtering
systems and of large mineral water containers causes
many failures. As the thin pipe or container breaks
causing flooding, when this happens the whole area
gets flooded with water.

It also causes water loss, save it!

Another big problem is the air conditioning system. Since
the global weather is warmer, air conditioners are getting
more popular also in Europe, Australia, Scandinavia and
North America.

Any air conditioner has a water outlet. Many times these
are thin pipes that are not properly installed and therefore
cause water flood.

If a small pipe breaks at your home of office, within 12
hours the floor, the carpets, the electric appliances
and the furniture are totally lost. That’s why in certain
countries the insurance companies
demand the water sensors system.
Another source of large water damages comes from
washing machines and sinks that get faulty and suddenly
cause the entire place become a lake.
Av-Gad solution is simple, available and costs only 
0.001% from the damage you have saved.

For year 2010 we added the new AV-1005WT water leak
detector alarm control panel

See here the latest WD-86

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