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RF Remotes

Question 1E: I'm looking for a "Panic" button that could be remotely carried and send an alert signal to a central desk, what is your item?
Answer: You may get the AVS22 or A11RX, it's a kit containing one receiver and two transmitters. Also you can use the A22RX, similar kit but with two channels, so you can use one channel for Arming and the other one for panic.

Question 2E: I use your AVS-22 RF remotes; some times I get very low range, why?
Answer: 1. Locate the receiver as high as possible. 2. In some areas the AVS-22 frequency is blocked by other RF sources, try the same set in other location. 3. Don't use low cost power supplies that deliver low or not regulated voltage.

Question 3E: I use your panels but recently I need a wireless panel, what can you offer?
Answer: Full wireless panel is coming, such one is expensive and complicate for installation, try our Freeko II that can be wired to the EasyLoader or any other panels.

Question 4E: How many transmitters (TX) can I use with my AVS-22 set?
Answer: In general you can have up to 100 per one receiver, just consider that every TX should be separately programmed to have the same coding as the others.

Question 5E: What range can I get with Double Range RF remotes?
Answer: It's hard to say, as the range is effected by the environment, in open area our test gives over 250 meters, indoor we get some times 30 meters and some times 70 meters.

Question 6E: What battery is used in Av Gad RF remotes?
Answer: This is a standard small 12V battery, type 23A, Alkaline.

Question 7E: I am using the AVS-22 set, in some installations I want to use only two buttons (channels), but I have four buttons, how to proceed.
Answer: You can program the AVS-22 by your self to use any number of buttons, one to four.
Most customers prefer to get four buttons as option (just in case customer asks for), for using the whole four buttons (four functions)
you need another AVS-22 receiver, each receiver has two channels.

Question 8E: I need the AVS-22 to work with 24V for gate opening; do you have a 24V version?
Answer: Yes, such version is available for 24V AC or DC. Contact us for your special product.

Question 9E: On a Freeko II system, I get a question mark (?) on the LCD display
Answer: The (?) means you have a supervision problem, the receiver do not receive the supervision signal sent by the Freeko II sensor, in such case it also activate the sounder.

In this case we recommend to reset the receiver, clear all sensors and tech the sensors again by keeping two important rules:

- The sensor you add to receiver to be 2-3 meters far from the receiver, not close to receiver
- When you need to send the signal to receiver to press the Tamper switch (some try to cause detection and receiver confirm it)

Question 10E: Can I turn off the alarm tone in the Freeko II receiver?
This is part of the supervision trouble indicator, you can't turn it off

Question 11E: Wireless vs Wired

Wireless systems disadvantages:

1. Cost 3 times more than wired

2. Service is 3 times more than wired (batteries, range cut by RF sources, etc..)

3. In some sites may not work properly (if close to strong RF source)

4. In some countries not approved by insurance companies, as security is low

5. By using a RF jammer in the frequency of wireless you can disrupt the system

Wireless systems advantages:

1. Installation takes half the time

2. Almost  no wires

Please notice:

Professional central station and installers in Europe & USA markets are installing wired systems.

Wired and Wireless Alarm Systems

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