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Modem for Up and Download

Do you want to improve your service speed and efficiency? Sure, Av-Gad panels provide remote servicing, what do I need for remote programming EasyLoader alarm panels?
Answer: If you want to service or program Av-Gad panel from your office, all you need is a simple PC with PSTN line.

From your PC, you can program all features, edit and add texts to LCD keypads, see the last events (false alarms, AC fail, etc), arm, disarm and more.

For remote programming you need a PC, modem (better external) and EasyLoad software.

The best modem at 300 to 56K high speed cost $ 80 to $110, the software is one time charge.

If you have an external modem that support 300 baud you can use it.

If you want to program or check a system on installation site you need a very simple laptop and cable (interface inside), that Av-Gad supply called AV-232.

Any laptop, even 4-5 years old with serial in/out RS-232 will do the job.

Question 1D:
I am having trouble configuring my laptops modem with communication program, Version 3.50. Do you have a windows version of the program yet?
Answer: The EasyLoad works just fine under Windows 98 and XP. Many professionals prefer the DOS, sounds old? No, if you need a reilable low cost tool, keep the DOS, it's virus free, laptop cost nothing, crash free and no updates.
The windows version is ready, supporting XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Question 2D: I have purchased an AV-2005D kit from Jaycar electronics here in Adelaide, South Australia. The manual talks about "EasyLoad" software but it hasn't come with the kit and I can't find it on your web site. Should I go back to Jaycar for this?
Answer: Yes, your vendor will sale the EasyLoad pack at $AS 5 to 10.

Question 3D: I am trying to connect the PC to the control panel via RS 232. I have tried some connectors and I can't connect. How do I plug the cable connector? Is there any special command or configuration to enter?
Answer: You need the AV 232 adapter, when you connect the AV 232 to your computer follow the instructions enclosed with AV 232. Make sure you have one hardware COM available in your computer. When all connected get to program mode, enter address 200, and press 77, when LED's start blinking communication is on.

Question 4D: I installed the EasyLoad successfully, but when I try Auto Detect, I get "No response from modem", why?
Answer: There are few reasons; the most common one is that the used modem is not according to our specifications. Please read our Modem Solver article for further details.

Question 5D: My computer modem calls the panel, the keypad's LEDs are blinking, but then I get "No response from panel", why?
Answer: Your modem does not support the Bell 103 protocol, so when the EasyLoad asks your panel to identify, the panel does not 'understand' the answer. Try replacing your modem.

Question 6D: I want to program my Av Gad control panel with a laptop computer, do I need special cable?
Answer: Yes, you must get the AV 232 adapter.

Question 7D: Do you have a computer (PC) interface connection available to your alarm system panels? It would be very good if system could be managed and set up from the screen.
Answer: Yes, if you are using the AV 2005, AV 2008 and AV 2016, you can connect the control panel from the computer, all you need is the AV 232 adapter.

Question 8D: What is the cable connection required to connect a PC to the AV Gad Control Panel? And to which control panels do you connect the PC cable?
Answer: All you need is the AV 232 adapter. The AV 2005, AV 2008 and AV 2016 can be controlled via the AV 232.

Question 9D: In the computer software EasyLoad I entered the dealer code and forgot the entry, now I can't connect this customer panel, what can I do?
Answer: This program is protected, all you can do is replacing the panel PCB, and this code can't be restored.

Question 10D: When I run the EasyLoad in DOS program, my mouse doesn't work, how can I move the cursor?
Answer: Use the TAB and ALT + Highlight keys.

Question 11D: I own a new Pentium III computer with COM 7 free, can I use this com for your EasyLoad modem?
Answer: No, some computers under Windows build a virtual COM outputs, those do not support DOS, use the COM 1 or COM 4.

Question 12D: I have problems using my new Winmodem (year 2001) when trying to set it up with the EasyLoad program, why?
Answer: Winmodem is low cost modems that are only appropriate for use with Microsoft Windows on a fast Pentium.You need a hardware modem with Bell 103 and Hayes commands support.Such modem is available at Av Gad. Also refer to our modem helper program.

Question 13D: I am using the AV 232 cable to locally up and download my Av Gad panels, can I get a 25 meters cable?
Answer: No, the AV 232 cable length can be maximum 5 meters long. This requires special order.

Question 14D: When I call the AV 2008 panel, an answering machine is answering before the panel. Do you have an "Answering Machine Bypass" feature?
Answer: Yes we do, other possibility is before you connect to the panel ask the owner to enter the "Answer Now" feature, this is done by holding down key 6 then holding down key 1, "A" is displayed in confirmation. During the next 5 minutes, the panel will answer after the 1st ring. Also refer to attached detailed documnet.


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