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Dialer and Communicator 

Question 1B: Is it possible to use EURO ISDN telephone system or is an "old" telephone connection interface needed for dialing robot?
Answer: No, the EasyLoader works only on analog lines.

Question 2B: Is it possible to stop the panel ringing my phone? It keeps calling me 3 or 4 times.
Answer: This feature will be available at the AV 2005/8D, for now program your dialer to call your phone one time, refer to address 087, replace the default 03 with 01.

Question 3B: Do you have central station with radio?
Answer: Yes. The wireless central station differs from country to country, contact us for further detail.
Question 4B: How I can connect AV GAD dialer and panels directly to ISDN line without analog adapters?
Answer: This it not possible. The ISDN dialer is much more expensive and if we include it in our panels price will be much higher. In case you need an ISDN adapter contact us.

Question 5B: I use EasyLoader Control Panel, I try to change the Follow Me telephone number on my system to the new one. But it doesn't work, every time I arm/disarm the system, the new number's disappears.
Answer: Correct. By default the Follow Me phone number is erased every time you disarm your panel, to change it remove the '1' in address 071.

Question 6B: I used the SVM-40 with your AV 2008, can these modules be used on other brands of control panels?
Answer: Not sure, as the other panels need few hardware and software features.

Question 7B: I am going to install few systems in a heavy lightning area, any special steps to be taken?
Answer: Yes, you must well ground the control panel, prevent running cables outside the premises. Alos add a Surgo module

Question 8B: We are installing your systems in whole Europe; do we need a special control panel type?
Answer: Yes, you have to purchase the  EEC version. The "EEC" version is CTR 21 approved, specially designed for the European telephone system and carry other special parameters.

Question 9B: We are installing your systems in China Mainland; do we need a special control panel type?
Answer: You have to purchase the standard version, i.e. AV 2005D, AV 2008D, etc. This version is 600 ohm approved and specially designed to for the Far East telephone system.

Question 10B: We are installing your systems in Australia; do we need a special control panel type?
Answer: Yes, you have to purchase the "AS" version, i.e. AV 2005AS, AV 2008AS, etc. The "AS" version is AUSTEL approved and specially designed for the Australian telephone system.

Question 11B: In my country we don't have ground point in some old premises, can these cause problems with your panels?
Answer: You better ground the panel, if not in thunder storm the panel maybe damaged. Run a heavy wire from the panel ground point to a close cold water pipe, or to a metal pipe. The pipe should be 1 meter deep in the ground.

Question 12B: My customer have few stores with your systems installed, he wants to know from what store the alarm comes, can I change the dialer alarm sound?
Answer: We have the solution; in every panel add the SVM-40 module. This voice module enables recording a voice message with the store details.

Question 13B: I need to get an alarm when the telephone line is tampered, what can I do?
Answer: Add the Tele Spy telephone monitor to your system, it will monitor the telephone line 24 hours. It's a small module at reasonable price.

Question 14B: Some panels have the line monitor build in, does Av Gad panels haven this feature?
Answer: Yes, we do, however, some countries require a seperate line monitor that acts like a sensor, in this case refer to our Tele-Spy.

Question 15B: I am looking to set up a new central station; do you have the required items?
Answer: Yes, we can offer you a complete solution including communicator receivers, RF wireless receivers and stand alone communicators.

Question 16B: Does your panels support the popular Contact ID central station format?
Answer: Yes, all of recent Av Gad panels have the Contact ID format and many other formats.

Question 17B: Is your telephone interface is approved in Europe?
Answer: Yes, the 'E' version panels are approved by the CTR 21 standard.

Question 18B: Can the Series 2000 dialer be made to call ALL the 4 phone numbers in sequence, even if each number is successfully answered? That is, dialer call phone 1, answer ok, hang up, then, dialer call phone 2, answer OK, hang up, dialer call phone 3 and so on.The way I understand the dialer is it calls the first number and if not picked up, redials the number for a set times, and if not picked up, then try the next number and so on until a phone is picked up. Then the dialer stops trying. If number one is picked up then it does not try 2,3,4.
Answer: The system is not looking for indication if the phone called was answered or not, so I don't see a problem. You can program the system to call the all four dialer numbers in sequence, and program the redial times to the same number.

Question 19B: Can the dialer contact an extension number after first going through a main switchboard number? That is dial, say 6315231, then accept a pick up, then dial extension 123 and accept a second pickup? The way I understand the dialer to work is no, this cannot be done; on the first pick up the dialer then delivers the programmed alarm or message.
Answer: This function should be tried in field, as many telephone systems reacts different. When you enter the number to be dialed, after the number add one or two pauses and then the extension number. 6315231 PAUSE 123.


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