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Alarm Control Panels Common FAQ                              

Before you start searching solutions make sure you have the correct manuals, for alarm
panel and keypad. Open the alarm panel main box on the central chip look for the label
indicating the panel type (i.e. AV-2004D, AV-2005, etc) and version, in LCD compatible panels
the words ENG or SPN indicates the language texts.

To find particular word: Press "Edit" than select "Find" in your browser main screen

Question 1A: How many AV 701 LED keypads can the AV 2008 control panel support?
Answer: It's recommended to use maximum five LED keypads.
Question 2A: How do you program EOL zone, the manual is just about useless?
Answer: Carefully read the manual. Everything is there. In address 029 enter '0' to program all zone to be EOL type. 

Question 3A: When the phone rings at home, the AV GAD panel picks up the phone after 2 rings and puts a high pitched tone on the line. How can I stop the panel from answering the phone?
Answer: The modem in your panel is answering the income phones. In address 091 enter the rings you want to count before modem answer. 
Question 4A: When I try to arm my alarm system, it reports trouble with each of the 5 (zones) sectors, is this related to not programming EOL?
Answer: 1. If you programmed EOL zone you have to wire the EOL resistor. 2. You may have all zones open. 3. You wired Normally Open sensors; program your panel accordingly at address 042.
Question 5A: I would like to operate your AV 2004D with a remote control, can I?
Answer: Yes, the AV 2004D contains a remote key input. Refer to your manual; make sure you have the special wire and connector required. Use our AVS-22 wireless remote set. 
Question 6A: My LED keypad display "L", why?
Answer: The "L" means your battery is low; replace the battery with new 12V rechargeable type.

If battery replaced and still "L" is displayed consider few reasons:

1. The charging circuit is not working, why? High voltage damaged the
circuity or very hot location trig the internal protection.
On the battery wires measure 13.5-13.8 volts DC when the battery
is not connected, connect the battery is the voltage drop to 5 - 11 volts
it means the battery is empty or need to be replaced.

If this voltage is much lower the power supply/charger is faulty. Please don't try to repair it by your self.
2. The the transformer voltage drooped, measure 16.5V AC when the
trafo is connected to the board. Under 16V the replace the transformer.
3. The battery is not good. Low cost or old batteries can fail within days.
Question 7A: We are a Jewish family in NY; can you offer us an alarm panel with all required features for Shabbat Day?
Answer: We have a great solution for you, order the AV 2008 PRO SHB, with eight programmable timers, power cut to sensors, approved by local Rabi.
Question 8A: We have a large weapons warehouse and we are looking for high end control panel, do you have any?
Answer: Yes, we have the AV 2008ELT. This is an expensive one, but with unique specifications to military sites and other sensitive areas.
Question 9A: I understand that it is possible to connect the system directly to a PC's RS232 port. How can I do that? Are you able to provide me with pin out details?
Answer: Correct, if you have one of EasyLoader panels with RS 232 input all you need is the AV 232 adapter and the EasyLoad software. We prefer not to provide the pin out, as you need the electronic module that fits inside, purchase the AV 232 from your vendor. 

Question 10A: Could you please tell me where I would need to hookup a strobe light and internal multi tone alarm modules on the AV 865 Control Panel?
Answer: Hook up your strobe light at the SLO output, this is a none timed output, your internal alarm (siren or bell) connect to Siren 1 or Siren 2.  
Question 11A: Can I connect the SVM-40 to AV 2004?
Answer: No, the AV 2004 is an economical panel; you need to purchase the new AV 2004D or AV-2005, AV-2008 or AV-2016.
Question 12A: I have the AV-GAD AV 2008D and was wondering if it is possible to connect 2 Eye Spy PIR to one zone. I am using the EOL resistors wired for two wires (plus 2 for the power) operation.
Answer: Yes, you can connect two PIR's to one zone, in case you are using EOL resistors you need to connect the two PIR's in series and purchase a special EOL resistor; 1,100 ohm, this is not a popular value, so you better use one PIR per zone.   
Question 13A: How many sensors that may be supported in any one zone?
Answer: Theoretically, you can connect as many PIR as you like to one zone, but practically in case of false alarm you will have problems to find the faulty PIR.
Question 14A: Does your panels support window and door switches that are in a "normally open circuit" state?
Answer: Yes, all you have to do is to define the zone to be N.O. type in address 042.
Question 15A: Is it possible to arm the system into the home mode by the system clock? In other words arm the home mode to certain zones every day for instance from 24.00 till 06.00 automatically?
Answer: No, the home mode can't be auto arm, some security problems involved, however, you can program the Auto Arming time. Refer to address 016.
Question 16A: I recently purchased AV 2008 PRO & AV 701TS. The keypad displays number 8 and will not respond to any other input. I checked the wiring it is OK. I looked at the strobe signal on a scope and it is there. Is the keypad faulty?
Answer: The problem is that the AV 2008 PRO (also Dublo) cannot work with the AV 701TS, for the PRO panels you can use the AV 707 or the AV 706 LCD keypad.
Question 17A: I have purchased and installed an AV 2005 panel and it works fine. Is there a way to connect a microphone and amplifier speaker to the panel so that one can listen in and speak from a remote telephone? After an alarm and dial instead of pre-recorded siren sound or message? This would make it possible to listen and skip to an intruder.
Answer: Yes, but it requires some special design of the unit you are going to connect. We do not have such unit available.
Question 18A: I wish to have my external siren sound for a preset period but my blue flashing light continue to flash till the system is reset, can I do this?
Answer: Yes, connect the flashing light to SLO output and the siren to Siren 1 or Siren 2.
Question 17A: At address's 063, 064 and 065 there are time settings for "Siren". Do these relate to "Siren 1", "Siren 2" or both Outputs?
Answer: The mentioned address relate to both outputs.
Question 19A: I am going to install few systems in a heavy lightning area, any special steps to be taken?
Answer: Yes, you must well ground the control panel, and prevent running cables outside the premises.
In general our systems stands most heavy lightning. For tropical areas add the Surgo protection module.
Question 20A: I use your AV 868 for over 10 years, using 12V internal and external speaker siren, I want to use 12V DC siren, but your panel is delivering 20V at the siren output, what shall I do?
Answer: Refer to your manual; there is a diode that should be removed, then you will get 12V at the siren output.
Question 21A:I am installing a 32 zone panel (AV 2016D + AV 816) and the system does 'strange things', what can I do?
Answer: Step 1. Program your system to default program, this will ensure a correct programming. 2. Connect only one keypad that is wired directly to the panel. Now move step by step and test every step.
Question 22A: I am going to install your AV 2008 with four AV 702 keypads, do I connect all keypads in parallel?
Answer: Yes, wire all keypad in parallel, but consider that every keypad better be wired directly to the control panel, not from keypad to keypad.
Question 23A: My AV 868 purchased 12 years ago works just great. Now I need to add four keypads with long wires, what keypad are you recommending?
Answer: In this case we recommend purchasing the AV 702, this keypad works much better on long lines and with five keypads in the system. 
Question 24A: I am the security officer in a large company who owned few EasyLoad systems, I need to get arming and alarm logs, can I print the logs with the EasyLoad program?
Answer: Yes, enter to the program and look for the events on the screen. When you close the screen you are asked to save or not, save and then open the file with any editor like Note Pad or similar.
Question 25A: I wired a new alarm panel and suddenly the AC power stop, after powering up the system “got crazy”, what can I do?
Answer: Some times the electric spike change the settings in the internal system memory, the result is as describe, to solve it enter to programming mode and set system to default programming, this should solve the problem.
Question 26A: I want to use your double zone feature; do I need to run two or four wires?
Answer: The advantage of EasyLoader panels is that you can use both Tamper and Alarm on two wires, refer to the manual.

Question 27A: Can the alarm system monitor a zone (disarmed as well as armed) and deliver a "silent" alarm when disarmed but full sirens if armed? The situation is that a building owner wants a private silent alarm if staffs go into forbidden zone during the day. He can then look into video monitor system to see who is being bad.
Answer: Yes, there is a problem. We have to program the DAY type zone to be able to trig the A1 output when the system is not Armed. At version 2.13 this option is not possible.
Question 28A: In your web site it describe the following about AV-2004D “Four Double Zone + 1 Panic Zone”.
What is the meaning of + 1 Panic zone?  I understand that it has 4 normal zones plus an extra one for panic button connection.
Answer: The AV-2004D has four double zones, plus one Panic zone build into the keypad (activated by holding down two keys).
So you can have four zones wired to sensors and the fifth zone as Panic, some manufacture call such panel "Five Zone".
The Double Zone means that by using two-wire cable you get separate Alarm and Tamper signals from your PIR or other alarm sensor, it provides better security and great saving on wiring.
Question 29A: My customer have few stores with your systems installed, he wants to know from what store the alarm come, can I change the dialer alarm sound?
Answer: We have the solution; in every panel add the SVM 40 module. This voice module enables recording a voice message with the store details.
Question 30A: During programming I lost the programming code and the feature "Enable codes reset to default by * & #" (address 072/ 08) was disabled by myself, what can I do?
Answer: You can enter your system via the download program and enter new code, or replace the board.
Question 31A: I have old alarm panels types AV-865 and AV-868, can’t find the manual, where can I find it?
Answer: Go please to our download area, in the control panels section you can download the latest manuals.
Question 32A: I own a new system (not Av Gad) that from time to time acts in strange way, especially when I use my mobile phone, can you solve this problem?
Answer: Yes, buy the EasyLoad panels, we are screening the processing units against RF interferences, you can see the metal screen cover in our control panels PCB. In a warehouse we have more that six large rooms, my customer needs a vivid sign for the troubled zone, what can offer him?
Question 33A: What is good about the LCD keypads, asked by my customer.
Answer: The LCD keypad will help him know the troubled area, with the LCD keypad you can edit each area name, when zone is open, the zone description will be displayed in plain text on the keypad display. I am located in Florida, installing 20 systems (not Av-Gad) per week and they work just fine, the problem is that the up and download is very slow, can your panels solve this problem?

Question 34A:  I need a partitioned system that can be Armed and Disarmed for certain areas at different times, what panel shall I get?
Answer: The AV 2016DP will be your system; it's eight partitions, 16 or 32 zone system with great features.
Question 35A:  I need a partitioned system but noticed your alarm panels range not include many of them, why?
Answer: The partition considered as great features, save the cost of few panels, more convenience, but the security level is not good, better solution is to get an alarm panel per area, if you need few of them in one site, connect few panels to one master alarm panel, it provides higher security and reliability to the protected site. In certain countries the insurance and police do not approve partitioned alarm system.
Question 36A: I need a higher security level in my place, my concern is about telephone line cut, what can do?
Answer: Add a wireless back-up unit, in case the lines cut or tampered the alarm panel reports or call you via the GSM network.

Question 37A: Can I use the AV 707 and AV 706 LCD keypads with any EasyLoader control panel?
Answer: No, the LCD keypads can be used with the PRO and Dublo alarm panels only, this is because a different way of operation and programming when the LCD keypad is used.
Question 38A: I changed the master code (1234), and forgot the new code; can I restore the original 1234 code?
Answer: Yes, power down the system. Power up, during the power up hold down the Panic keys, after the 2nd beep release the keys. Also can be done with the EasyLoad software and modem. For further details refer to your installation manual.

Question 39A:
I am looking for wiring diagram and installation manual, how can I get it?
Answer: Prior to trying to any wiring changes or self repair try to get this service from your installation provider, they have the know how and are familiar
with your system. Can find them? Try other installer who is familiar and experienced. If you installed the system get into our support to get the manual.
Question 40A: How to find the alarm model number?
Answer: Find the alarm panel main box, in the box center the main board is located, on the chip a label quote the model. For example
AV2008D type carry the label say "2008 LED" plus few numbers. The keypad model is not the panel type.
Other way is via the keypad, get into Programming mode, enter 200, LEDs blinking, enter 00, the keypad will display the version.

Question 41A: We are using AV-2088D with AV-702 keypad. Our purpose is to have 20 zone alarm system with additional AV-208 expansion module
Answer: To reach 20 zones you need to enable two zones on one terminal. See what to do:
In order to get two zones on one terminal, enable the double zone feature, at address 074 -8.
The wiring should be done with two different resistors as drawing on page 13 in AV-2088D manual.
The terminal marked as zone 1 is for zone 1 and for zone 9, wire 2.2K resistor to zone 1 and the 4.7K to the same terminal (for zone 9), it's recommended to place the resistor in the detector.
To get a 20 zone system; program address 100 1 to 8, 101 1 to 8, 102 only 1 2 3 4. Address 140, 141 (Enable EOL) is not required to program.

Question 42A:
The dialing from alarm panel is working and from mobile to panel (the panel answers and plays the music), but we can not arm or disarm the system using the phone.
I press (after the tune) the code (1234#1#) but the system does not arm and the keypad LEDs stop blinking. The system does not respond to any other commands then.

Check if during programming you didn't change address 074-6, should be enabled, also the PSTN (Tel.) line requires ADSL filter is it's an ADSL line.
During testing the DTMF make sure you are in none noisy area, also verify that you are entering the correct password.

Question 43A: I am wondering what the difference between the new AV-3044 and previous AV-2004 and AV-2048
Answer: The AV-3044 is totally new panel that can be configured to act as 4 or 8 zone, so on installation you can select the mode
you prefer. In 4 zone EOL resistors not required, in 8 zone EOL resistors is a must.

Also the communication section been much approved by adding SMS (with zone description, system errors, etc) more numbers to dial, reporting to two central stations and more attractive features.


Obsolete Alarm Panels List 
The following alarm panels are obsolete: AV-505, AV-500, AV-808, AV-802, AV-505X, AV-808X, AV-684, AV-684X, AV-864, AV-865, AV-868,  AV-8616.
The following keypads are obsolete: AV-700, AV-700I, AV-801.

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