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AV-TIP 1: Read the system and other components manuals carefully, it looks complicated, but all the information is there.

AV-TIP 2: System grounding is compulsory. For trouble free system, use a good ground. Grounding wire should be connected to main board and to the metal box. Grounding protects against thunder damage.

AV-TIP 3: Be careful of static discharge; before handling the main board touch a grounded metal.

AV-TIP 4: Never run wire zones alongside telephone wires, high voltage wires, or transmitting antennae.

AV-TIP 5: It is recommended to always use EOL resistor, to prevent EMI and RFI interferences.

AV-TIP 6: It's recommended to use the EOL mode; it's safer and is required by insurance companies.

AV-TIP 7: Never run Keypad wires alongside telephone wires, high voltage wires, or transmitting antennae. Keypad wires should be wired separately and not in same cable with other devices (telephone, PIR's etc.). Do not use the keypad wires for supplying power to sensors or other devices. Keypads have no polarity protection; verify the 12V power polarity carefully during wiring.

AV-TIP 8: Always install the control panel box in a difficult-to-access location.

Tips to first time installer:

If you are a first time installer, don't hook up any remote sensors at first. The most common confusion comes about when the alarm will refuse to arm, because a zone is "troubled". Complete the power supply (not the battery), siren, keypad and strobe wiring, and for the moment connect ALL the zone terminals to -V with loops of wire. This will simulate a system with all zones looped out through closed switches and no EOL resistors. The alarm is supplied already programmed with an "average" list of settings (default) and can be used straight away, a few of the program locations may have to be changed to suit the actual sensors and output devices used.

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