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LAM-120, Retrofit LED Lamp

The LAM-120 LED retrofit kit utilizes 120W
The Retrofit kit save energy and maintenance
Produces light intensity equivalent to 4000W MH fixture
The LAM-120 LED retrofit kit comes pre-fit to existing fixture
Fast and easy replacement of old lamp

Mounting and Wiring
Horizontal mounting with “L” bracket
Or vertical mounting with “I” bracket
Or custom plate mounting with plate adapter
E40 traditional lamp base for fast adapting in old lamp posts

Environmental System
Retrofit module inside of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures

Electrical System
Powered by 24V 120W External LED driver
with Wago® quick disconnect

Optical System
High performance 144 SMD high efficiency LEDs
Reflector effect by metal painted PCB
Color temperature available in 5000K and 5500K
MTBF at 50,000 hours

Size & Martial
Length: 7.08” (180mm), Width: 5.51” (140mm), Height: 3.07” (78mm)
Housing: Die cast aluminum, Finish Silver

Optical & Power

Luminous Flux 8745.7 lm
Efficiency 73-75 lm/watt
CCT 5000K/5500K
CRI 70 min.
Optics 120 degrees
Voltage 24V DC, 4.8A
Power 115-120W
Cooling Air & Fan

Longevity and Warranty
L70 life 50,000 hours
Warranty Three years

Temperature: -20 ~ 60ºC
Humidity: Less than 93% RH
To use at outdoor inside lamp
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