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AV-4044 GSM, 4/8 zone GSM Alarm Panel

NEW! GSM alarm panel

Alarm Panel with integrated GSM SMS reporter
and PSTN dialer + central station Contact ID
Four zones expandable to 8 zones on board
Select GSM or PSTN via programming
Select on board 4 or 8 zones, SMS alarm panel
High reliability, friendly simple programming
Compatible with all Av-Gad LED Keypads
With 32 user codes, installer code, access
control code
High quality GSM module with SIM card
Dials to 6 numbers via PSTN, sends SMS to four
numbers via GSM and dials to 2 central station

Generation IV alarm panel with SMS sender
Sends all events and alarmed zones as SMS
to your mobile with alarm zone and events
descriptions, like: ZONE 1 Alarm, AC fail,
Low Battery, Fire Zone Alarm... and more
In PSTN Mode: High Speed Communicator
for all Formats including Contact ID
In GSM + PSTN mode: Dials only and SMS (CS report
is done via PSTN)

Fits into most ATM's
Dialer for 6 numbers, with or without vocal
message plus Follow-Me feature
Supports central station SMS reporting

Remote Up and Download via modem or AV-232
Fits Universal 56K Modem or RS-232 (with adapter
type AV-232 and AVUSB232)

Supplied in ABS box (optional metal box)
Fits 4-Wires LED Keypads: AV-701, AV-702
Dimensions: 23 X 31 X 9 cm (9” X 12 1/4” X 3 1/2”)
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