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AV-26 CCTV Central Power Supply

Main advantages

Main advantages of Av-Gad CCTV power supplies

In the CCTV market there are several similar solutions; most are Far East origin without battery
backup, build on cheap single side PCB material, printed boards based on pressed
paper (CEM-1) that fails within short time.

Those low cost power units results in fast to fail and has high level of electrical noise that seems
as dots and stripes within the recorded images. This article refers to AV-26 and AV-27 models
and AV-23 (without backup battery support)

Benefits of Av-Gad CCTV power supplies

- Lower cost than UPS (uninterruptible power supply) solution
  with higher efficiency, this means longer backup time for
  lower price

- If one camera fails and load the power supply all the rest
  continue to work

- Plastic case convenient to install, compact and easy
  to add entries feed

- Including fail output port, easily connected to an alarm or
  local sounder or dialer

- 12 or 17 outputs including dedicated channel
  for DVR at 2.5A

- Solid state fuse requires no replacement parts.
  Others use one-time glass fuse

- Very high quality, double sided printed circuit board.
  Our PCB made of FR4 material, unilaterally filter
  AC spikes and RF interference from mobile
  phones and other RF sources.
  Compared to pressed paper PCB that others apply.

- Supply 13.6V (not 12V as others) for long wired cameras
  that get the best working  voltage, results in fluent image
  without distortions

- AV-26 has smart charger with battery monitor.
  The battery monitor keeps charging the battery against
  excessive charge and discharge that destroys the battery.
  Charger  without electronic monitor damages the
  battery after first  power fail

- Exclusive fused terminal for AC main 220 volt plus
  main switch

- Build-in spikes filters and high voltage limiter that
  protect your devices from damage cameras and/or
  the DVR

- Improves the video picture quality, without interruptions
  such as flickering dots and stripes within the video image

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