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AV-3044 DVR Fail Alarm Reporter

DVR Fail Alarm Reporter all in one type AV-3044 DVR. 1st fully DVR Alarms Reporter via GSM or PSTN plus local alarm

Most common DVR failures
The DVR is operating 24 hours a day, this fact cause main
DVR parts to fail, if you are not alerted on time it means
events lost , lower security and more damage to your
DVR machine/s.

See the list the common fails:

Fan failure, hard disk temperature, hard disk failure, hard
disk full, hard disk removed, power loss, network loss,
low power, low battery (if used with AV-26 power supply).
The AV-3044 DVR is the most advanced DVR fail
monitor and reporter for local and remote supervisor
and technical manager.

How does the AV-3044 DVR monitoring make the DVR easier to use?

AV-3044 DVR makes the system easier to use because it keep
and monitor the DVR critical events, allowing faster
awareness and repair problems prior to DVR stuck, total
lost or disk data lost.

How does the Alarm Output help you to save money?

By connecting your DVR to the AV4-DFAR, the system
signals local and remote administrators immediately
when critical events occur.
This minimizes the need for individuals to be positioned in
front of the DVR to monitor and respond to indicators that
appear on the face plate.
Effective use of AV-3044 DVR promotes a centralized
approach to administration of multi-site applications.

How does the AV-3044 DVR improve the DVR operation?

AV-3044 DVR helps to eliminate the need to travel to remote
sites to inspect the operation of the equipment. Because the
system uses AV-3044 DVR to notify Administrators when errors
occur, administrators react to status messages when needed.

This minimizes the need to continuously observe the video
system, making more time available for other activities.
Alarm Outputs bring immediate attention to system
problems so administrators can more quickly restore
the system to normal operation.

What advantage does the AV-3044 DVR offer over similar features?
Other ways to connect with remote DVR and monitor the
unit fails alarm include connecting to systems with a
serial connection, have seen such? Very rare.
The AV-3044 DVR provides a more compatible integration with
external alarm devices, as siren, strobes, GSM SMS and
other indicators that not supported a serial connection.

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