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Alarm Keypads

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AV-701TS, 7 Segments Keypad

Digital 7-Segments Display for simple and fast
events reading
12 Rubber Keys
Compatible with most Av-Gad panels
(except PRO& Dublo)
Extra Indica...

AV-701TI, 7 SG Illuminated Keypad

Digital 7-Segment Display
With Timed Illuminated Backlight
12 Rubber Keys
Compatible with most Av-Gad panels
(except PRO& Dubl...

AV-706, LCD Alarm Keypad

16 x 2 LCD Display
Automatic Timed Backlight
12 Rubber Keys with Plated Contacts
Extra Indications with four Colored LEDs
Wires Terminal
Internal Buzzer

AV-702, New Look 7 SG Keypad

New Look Design plus Keys Cover
White color, also in Silver or Gold Metal finish
Enhanced Electronics for Long Wiring
Automatic Timed Backlight
Digital 7 - segment displ...

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