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During the past years, consumers have spent billion on home and premises security, and the number of homes, offices and commercial sites with security systems has increased almost 40% in the past 5 years. Although no system makes your premises completely burglarproof, a security system can reduce the chances of being burglarized and give you some peace of mind. In many countries a security system is conditional when you are going to insure your property.

Basic elements of a security system include perimeter sensors on outside doors and windows, motion detectors in key inside areas, a control unit to interpret and respond to signals from the sensors, a siren or other alert mechanism, and a connection to a central monitoring station to notify the police. Fire detection and medical emergency devices are other available options.

Security systems can be wireless or wired. Wireless systems use battery-powered radio transmitters to connect the various system components.

Wireless systems have the advantage of simple installation, and mobility to new premises - it's easy and practical. If you are looking for a professional wireless system, consider that prices are higher. If you are looking for low-cost one you get low security, better get a dog! Wireless systems are limited in their capabilities and require more service than a wired one.

With a wired alarm, the system components are permanently connected by wires into floors and walls. A professional company typically installs and services the system. A wired system is more reliable than a wireless one, and offers a wider choice of features, tighter security, and higher reliability. Av-Gad offers you a combination between wired and wireless for higher reliability and lower service rate.

The best security system shall be adapted and scheduled in consideration of your lifestyle and of the specific valuables you wish to protect. Carefully consider your security requirements and your budget. Your local police department may have a crime prevention unit that can recommend specific security measures.

Before you choose your system, find out how you are going to live with it. There are many brand systems that are complicated to operate and to load the messages from and sometime simply does not work.

Wired and Wireless Alarm Systems

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